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doTERRA On Guard® Sanitizing Mist - 5-Pack

doTERRA On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist is 99.9% effective against the most common germs** and purifies the hands with an extremely fine, quick-drying mist.


  • 5 pack


dōTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Mist purifies the hands and is 99.9% effective against the most common germs.  Its moisturizing formula effectively cleanses the hands without drying the skin, while the doTERRA On Guard blend of CPTG® essential oils provides an uplifting citrus spice aroma.

Primary Benefits

  • 99.9% effective against the most common germs
  • doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend provides an invigorating citrus spice aroma
  • Infused with moisturizing apple extract
  • Cleansing to the hands when soap and water aren’t available
  • Convenient size for travel and on-the-go use
  • Use to sanitize the hands after touching gym equipment, door handles, and shopping carts