Loyalty Rewards Program

You can set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order in your back office at doterra.com on the Shop tab or use their chat feature to change an existing order into an LRP order.  You can also call into doTERRA at 1-800-411-8151 to create your LRP.

The Loyalty Rewards Program was created as a way for doTERRA to show appreciation for you, our loyal members. By setting up an automatic monthly order, you receive a number of benefits, including earning other bonuses in the compensation plan. You can customize your monthly LRP order or cancel at any time. Still wondering whether or not to sign up for the LRP program? Check out these reasons below:

  1. You earn a percent back. Ordering through the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) program means that you will receive at least 10 percent back on your LRP orders. The longer you participate in the program, the larger percent you get back on your purchases until you reach 30 percent at 13 months. See graphic above.
  2. LRP points and free product: The percentage you earn back through ordering on the program is added to your account through product credits. You can use these points to purchase free product.

  3. Product of the Month (POM) benefit: If your monthly LRP is set to at least 125PV, you join the Product of the Month club, and receive a free product with your LRP order. Tip: Remember that your LRP automatic order must be processed before the 15 to receive the Product of the Month

  4. Free Shipping:  Qualify all shipping costs to be compensated if you place an LRP order online.  Whatever you pay for shipping will be usable as free product points the next month.

  5. Required to earn Power of 3 and Fast Start bonuses: In order to qualify to earn the Power of 3 Bonus and Fast Start, you must have in place at least a 100PV order each month. If you are active in the business in sharing, enrolling, and building these bonuses only help you continue to build your business–and having the automatic LRP order set up means that you are also getting back some of what you have put in in free product.