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dōTERRA Laluz™ Diffuser with Lemon and Lavender

Make a sleek statement with the Laluz Diffuser and two of the most popular doTERRA essential oils: Lemon and Lavender. Available while supplies last.

Options: 1 Kit


Turn any space into a luxurious retreat with the Laluz. This sculptural diffuser creates ultrasonic vibrations, transforming water and essential oils into aroma-infused mist. With a runtime of up to eight hours, diffuse Wild Orange and Peppermint throughout the day to scent your home and life naturally.


The Laluz is more than just a diffuser—it’s a sleek design statement for your home. With Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oils, your air will smell like fresh peppermint leaves or an orange orchard in bloom. And the best part? The scents aren’t fake, synthetic, or toxic. They’re pure, natural aromatic compounds found in orange peels and peppermint plants. Between these two essential oils and the Laluz Diffuser, your home can smell fresh and clean all day long with some of Mother Nature’s best perfume.

Kit Contents:

  • Lemon 15 ml
  • Lavender 15ml 
  • 1 Laluz Diffuser

Total savings: $15.00

Laluz Diffuser Specs and Features:

  • Water capacity: 120 milliliters/4.06 fluid ounces
  • Suggested room size: Up to 330 square feet
  • Continuous operation: High mist mode—up to 4 hours; low mist mode—up to 8 hours
  • Timer: 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, and timer off
  • Dim, bright warm, and lavender light options
  • Automatic safety shutoff
  • Glass top cover